What Strategies To Increase Views On Youtube Are Not Allowed?

Services that try to increase views automatically or otherwise trick viewers into watching a video are not acceptable. This may include the following:

  • Buying views to external websites (for example, paying US$10 for 10,000 views);
  • Fraudulent designs on third-party websites that can trick viewers into playing a video by clicking on unrelated page elements;
  • Publish underlying windows – a new window that opens below the current window;
  • Redirect – This happens when the URL changes and sends the user to a new page by clicking a link.

A Title That Attracts Attention.

The first thing that will catch the attention of users will be the title you choose. Remember that they will always see the one with the most striking title of all. You can take newscasts or celebrity magazines as an example since they always achieve striking and original titles.

Do not moderate; you can use several words. Contrary to what you think, doing so will give you an edge over your competition. Why? Because by including more words in your title, you will position more keywords.

A good description will lead you to go viral. You can have a wonderful video on your channel, but the chance of it getting views without a description is slim. People, in general, prefer to read a good review of what they will see before wasting 3 minutes of their time on a video.

Also, include 2 of 4 times your keywords to improve the performance of ranking your video. Your description must contain combinations of words so that the platform shows you when users search for certain topics.

Your Image Will Say More Than A Thousand Words.

That’s how it is! The saying is true, even online as part of your strategy for YouTube, including a good choice for the thumbnail photo that appears as a preview of your video. This will make people click on it and upload your views.

Interact With Other Youtubers.

Like any social network, it is recommended that you have interaction with other channels to make yourself noticed. Get into channels that have a good number of views and leave a comment with the link to one of your best videos. You’ll see how more people will see it!

Cross-Media And SEO.

When generating a good digital marketing strategy, it is essential to consider doing cross-media. YouTube is no exception. Share your video on other social networks and attract your fans from other platforms to your YouTube channel.

Remember that the content within the web is infinite, so you must stand out in some way. Implementing a good web positioning strategy within the links will be your best option.

Post Often.

Take advantage of smartphones and cameras that record in high quality to make short videos that do not exceed 3 minutes in length. It has been proven that after this time, the attention of the users declines.

You can make videos with a particular theme such as: “cooking in 3 minutes”, “Smartphone features”, humorous segments, or simply singing a song. Also, you could give it a commercial twist and publish tutorial videos about the products and services you offer.

The issue of the frequency and quantity of videos is key to generating subscribers on the channel. Set a goal and plan the contents. So, for example, you can plan the launch of a video per week, every 15 days, monthly, etc. It is important that you do not fail to meet this goal. Constancy is the key.

What Strategies To Increase Views On Youtube Are Not Allowed?
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