What Is Considered A Real View On Youtube?

A view counts on YouTube when: 1) it is an intentional view initiated by the viewer, and 2) the video has been despaired by YouTube’s algorithm. In other words, the video was played by a human on a device, and YouTube confirms that it is a legitimate view.

More than that, there is a magic number of visits: 300.

Once a video reaches 300 views, YouTube temporarily “freezes” the view count to confirm that they are legitimate works of real human beings. Your system starts tracking incoming views as well as the first 300. You can remove fraudulent views as they are identified. Once the initial screening process is over, the view count returns to normal, but YouTube will continue to monitor each video for false views.

Why 300? The numbers below that don’t have the power to clutter YouTube’s home page and kick the website out of its algorithm.

So wait. If there is no secret formula for what counts as views, can no one update their video for views? Not anymore. In the early days of YouTube, monetization didn’t exist. Almost every view was supposed to fit the original definition: a spam-free video playback for the viewer. It didn’t take long for the platform to realize that creators could cheat the system. This is generally called an “artificial” vision.

Fortunately, YouTube has gotten pretty good at spotting artificial views. Some of the signs they look for include:

  • Views, Reloaded: This is the classic case of a single user constantly updating the video to increase those numbers.
  • Virus – If a video looks like malware (software designed to harm your computer, server, or network), it is removed.
  • Website Autoplay: If the video is set to autoplay on a website, that doesn’t count as a view.

YouTube’s security system software has the ability to detect malware (a computer program that helps send spam messages from your computer) and spambots. YouTube automatically removes them for a smoother selection process.

Now, let’s go over some questions you may have about YouTube video views.

Real YouTube Views
What is a real YouTube view?

Do Your Own Real Views Count On Youtube?

Yes, your own views count if you play your own YouTube video, but only if you do it once or twice, not if you constantly refresh the page.

Why Does Youtube Count My Own Real Views?

YouTube’s algorithm sees you just like it sees any other user, so your view will be counted.

Do Replays Count As Views On Youtube?

Yes, but only if the repeats look natural. If you play a video once, it will count as one view. However, if you constantly refresh the page to artificially increase the view count, YouTube will identify this as spam (see Views, definition reloaded above).

Are Youtube Views Unique And Real?

No. YouTube views are not unique; replays and revisits are counted in the view count. You can see your number of unique viewers in your YouTube analytics dashboard.

How Often Does Youtube Update The View Count?

Although YouTube does not publish this information, we know that it updates views approximately every 24-48 hours. Does not update views instantly.

To Embedding Youtube Videos Count?

Yes, embedded YouTube video views count when the video is embedded in the page content, and a user intentionally clicks the video to play it. An autoplay embedded video may not count. A background video (i.e. you placed the YouTube video in the background of your website) will not count.

Do Facebook Views Count On Youtube?

Yes, Facebook views count on YouTube. However, they don’t count if you manually download the video from YouTube and upload it to Facebook.

Youtube Guidelines For Videos And Views

If you’re thinking of implementing a YouTube marketing strategy, adhering to YouTube’s guidelines is essential. If you don’t, your videos will be deleted. The audience has its own set of guidelines and takes it very seriously.

If a video reaches a certain number of views and falls within the guidelines, it is eligible to earn money. YouTube account monetization allows a single video to earn thousands of dollars as it enters the territory of having millions of views. Accounts that give themselves fake reviews are, in essence, making money unfairly. YouTube’s policies here aim to ensure that all creators work hard on every video they produce.

What Is Considered A Real View On Youtube?
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