How To Make Money With Youtube: What To Consider

Although there are several ways to earn money on YouTube indirectly, such as using referrals, making sponsored videos, or selling your own merchandise if you have enough views, ads are the most convenient way to earn money on YouTube. However, to earn money from ads you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total viewing hours of your videos. In addition, currently, with the other forms of monetization, you can earn more money with the ads themselves.

From there, you can move on to the Partners program, where you earn money from ads and subscriptions. The type of ads is also chosen by the creator, such as ads that are seen at the beginning of the video, banners that can be removed, ads in the middle of the video, etc. To obtain the first payment, you must obtain at least 100 euros, and you can receive them by transfer or check.

The figure that most interests creators and advertisers are the CPM, which is the cost per 1,000 views of a video, and as we have said, it varies a lot depending on the channel. For example, advertisers prefer to be in videos that are informative. For example, if you make a video explaining which compact car to buy, it is likely that there are car brands that are very interested in appearing there. However, a vlog can generate less income. Other factors, such as language, the season of the year, or events such as the coronavirus can cause income to fluctuate as well.

In addition, you must bear in mind that not all YouTubers are paid, something that happens, for example, if the estimated figures are not met or if the content does not follow YouTube’s rules, many contents is prohibited, so it is good that you review the policies and terms of service, first of all. In fact, not only do they review channels before accepting them, but they do so frequently to ensure compliance.

Obviously, you will not earn all the money obtained from the views of the service, since YouTube pays its content creators 68% of the total income, from which taxes and other withholdings may have to be deducted. For this reason, we are going to comment on some figures of what you could achieve according to the views per month. We are talking only about ad revenue. To these, we have not added the expenses that you have to assume in the activity.

How Much Is Earned? Dollar Views

In some portals, they compiled how much various YouTube content creators earn by figures, with figures that vary dramatically depending on the type of content. For example, Marina Mogilko has three channels: one for languages, one for lifestyle, and one for business. The business one has the fewest subscribers, and it has the highest CPM.

1,000 Views: Between $4 And $34

For example, with 23,000 subscribers, with a very restrained channel, Jimmy Ton earns between 2 and 4 dollars for every 1,000 views. Other channels are rising to higher figures, with figures ranging between 4 and 14, 7 and 20, or 12 and 34, the latter figure being that of the Griffin Milks channel, with 31,000 subscribers in a channel dedicated to finance. Silicon Valley Girl, which focuses on business and personal branding on the Internet, earns an average of $10.73 per 1,000 visits. Linguamarina, which is responsible for the creation of language content, for its part, with 1.5 million subscribers, would earn approximately 4 dollars for every thousand visits.

Depending not only on the area but also on the interest of the content of your channel for the advertiser, the CPM can be higher or lower than the average or estimated figure. In addition, this can change over time without being fixed, since advertisers may have certain interests at one time and not another, and vice versa or new players appear in the market. In addition, in Latin America, the values ​​may be lower than in Spain and in both lower than in the United States.

How To Make Money With Youtube: What To Consider
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