How Does Youtube Count Views?

 A frequent question from many is how YouTube calculates the reproductions in its counter. Is it enough to click, or do you have to watch the whole video? If I watch a video twice from the same device, does it count as two views? Here we answer those questions.

First of all, it is important to point out that YouTube’s help texts do not say much about it since knowing the way in which the statistics of the videos are counted would facilitate the distortion of the amounts by those who are interested in making a user see video more popular than it really is. For this reason, the information that we give below does not come from official communications from YouTube but has been obtained simply from experimentation.

It is also important to remember that YouTube allows channel owners to earn money through the placement of banners and advertisements when the account is linked with Google AdSense. In this case, the falsification of the reproductions would constitute fraud, so it is preferable not to incur these practices.

The View Count On Youtube

When it comes to watching a video on YouTube, it is not enough to just click on the counter to register our visit, but it is not necessary to watch the entire video either. Visits are counted after about 30 seconds of playback.

If we see the same video several times, only one view or visit will be counted since the cookies on our computer will identify us as the same user. It will take 30 minutes for the information in the cookie to be deleted, a new user session to start, and a new playback to appear on the counter.

If the same user watches a video several times in a short period and their views are counted, it may be because they have either cleared their cookies or used another browser.

The play counter usually stops at just over 300.

Views Of Embedded Youtube Videos On Other Websites

When a YouTube video is embedded on an external website, views may or may not be counted, depending on various factors. To begin with, YouTube will not record any views on the video that were produced by autoplay. That is to say that if we have configured the video to play automatically every time the page is loaded, none of the resulting visits will be recorded.

In addition to avoiding autoplay, there is another condition that must be met for the views or visits to be counted. And it is that the software that we use as a player on the website must be YouTube’s own. If we resort to another, the reproductions will not appear in our video either.

Fake Play Detection

You’ve probably noticed that once a video gets over 300 views, the counter “freezes” and doesn’t record any new views. This is because, after that amount, the views statistics are subjected to a verification process by YouTube, which can take half a day or more. It is an automatic precautionary mechanism; it is done to avoid false visualizations or views generated automatically by bots or specialized software.

Despite these control mechanisms, this does not mean that some programmers with hacking knowledge offer services such as buying YouTube views, which allow artificially increasing the number of views of the counters for a low cost. On sites such as, 10,000 views can be purchased for only $40. This is important to keep in mind because many YouTube videos that appear to be viral may not actually be.

How Does Youtube Count Views?
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