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Top 20: The Most Viewed Videos In Youtube History

Despite the high consumption of videos on the platform, there is a special place for the most viewed videos in the history of YouTube, a place where only the most viral content manages to stand out. Traditionally we find musical content among them, and since the pandemic, children’s videos have quickly managed to position themselves among the most viewed.

Thus, the Google video social network presents us with the 20 most viewed videos in the history of YouTube, those great ones that have achieved that title based on success over the years. (Data as of November 15, 2021)

Baby Shark Dance

Unseating “Despacito” has come Baby Shark Dance, the English version of the hyper-popular children’s song that began in South Korea and has now managed to surpass all content to obtain leadership as the most viewed video in the history of YouTube, accumulating more than 9,717 million views.

Luis Fonsi. Slowly

Since its premiere in 2017, Despacito, Luis Fonsi’s song, has remained the most successful video in the history of YouTube, but after such a long reign, it has fallen to second place, accumulating more than 7,636 million views.

Johnny Yes Papa, The Best Song For Children. Looloo Kids

Children’s content never ceases to amaze us due to the number of views it achieves on YouTube, and in fifth place, in this ranking, we find this song for children: JohnyJohny, Yes Papa, a lullaby in English that has so far managed to accumulate 5.923 million visits.

Ed Sheeran. Shape Of You

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released Shape of You in 2017, which in addition to reaching number 1 on the singles charts in 34 countries, has so far ranked as one of the most viewed videos in YouTube history, with 5,533 million views.

Wiz Khalifa. See You Again Ft. Charlieputh.

Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa released the song See You Again as part of the Furious 7 movie soundtrack in 2015 as a tribute to Paul Walker, an actor who died in a car accident. This remix has managed to remain in the viewers’ taste in fourth place among the videos with the most views on YouTube with 5.332 million views and counting.

Bath Song | Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Songs and children’s content, in general, have a wide presence among the most viewed videos on the platform, as we can see with this bathroom song in English that helps create bathroom habits in the little ones in a fun way. This song is located in the sixth position of the list with 4,652 million visits.

Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs On A Farm

3D animation videos for children really maintain a strong position among the most viewed on YouTube; this time, it is a song to learn colours in an interactive way presented by the Russian channel MiroshkaTv. Covering the seventh position, this song has an estimated 4,528 million views on the platform.

Masha And The Bear. A Recipe For Disaster (Episode 17)

The popular Russian tale that was brought to the screens with great success has also achieved a privileged place among the most viewed videos in the history of YouTube. In fifth place is chapter 17, “Recipe for disaster”, with a cumulative 4,469 million views.

Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars. Uptown Funk

British producer Mark Ronson made Uptown Funk in collaboration with American singer Bruno Mars in 2015, and it has managed to remain one of the most viewed videos with over 4.369 million views.

Phonics Song With Two Words

Finally, we have another children’s song, which highlights the increase in the consumption of children’s content on this platform in the last year. It is a song to learn the alphabet where it uses two words as an example and shows animations alluding to them. Occupying the tenth place in the list, this video has a total of 4,308 views and counting.…

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