4 Types Of Views On Youtube That Don’t Actually Count As Views

It sounds weird, but YouTube doesn’t always count all views as valid.

There are a number of cases you should be aware of where a view won’t actually count as a view. They are few, but it is important to know them. Especially if the views obtained from buying organic YouTube views are important in the distribution strategy of your videos (for example, on your blog or website):

Embedded videos with autoplay. As a general rule, YouTube will count the views of your videos that occur when they are embedded in a third-party website unless they are configured to play automatically when the page loads (that is, autoplay).

Many views to your video in a short period of time. YouTube only considers one view per user every 30 minutes. If the viewer is constantly reloading the page within that 30-minute interval, due to the caching system, YouTube will not count as additional views.

Obviously, the views are obtained from IP’s SPAM or through robots. YouTube is capable of detecting unwanted IP addresses and bots that generate fake views and then prevent them from being added to the view counter. Initially, your accountant may count them, but as soon as YouTube carries out the views audit, they will disappear. Don’t pay third party services for fake views. It’s throwing money away.

Use unofficial widgets to embed videos. When using custom video widgets to embed a video on a web, YouTube has difficulty crawling the code and cannot be sure if a video is somehow hidden on the web; therefore, it does not take these types of views into account.
As you can see, it is simply a matter of preventing someone from trying to cheat the system to try to increase the number of reproductions in an illegitimate way.


Well, the success of YouTube lies in the fact that the user experience on the platform is getting better and better, that they have a good time, and that they have fun. And users will have fun if the videos they find are really interesting. That is why it is important for YouTube to prevent videos that have not had the support of the community from being highlighted. And it is that, although today the KPI that the YouTube algorithm values ​​the most is “WatchTime”, the number of reproductions is still a key indicator.

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My Advice? 

Stop stories and focus on creating quality content, optimizing it correctly so that it ranks well in search engines and planting an appropriate distribution strategy. This way, your number of views will grow in a solid way.

4 Types Of Views On Youtube That Don’t Actually Count As Views
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